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Article: Clear skin in a bottle - SkinCeuticals Review

Clear skin in a bottle - SkinCeuticals Review

Clear skin in a bottle - SkinCeuticals Review

Many people who are break-out prone or with congestion need light products that do double duty as this skin type can’t have many layers to keep oil controlled. 

What is the best product for the solution?

This is what has made Blemish and Age Defense from SkinCeuticals so popular around the world. It is a product to control oil, fights acne, and helps with skin tone and texture.

What makes Blemish and Age Defense a great product?

This serum is lightweight and easy to absorb into the skin making it great for layering under a light hydrator. This unique acid blend contains 2% dioic acid with a powerful alpha and beta hydroxy acid to reduce the formation of acne and improve pores. 

How does Blemish and Age Defense work with the skin?

Like having your sidewalk power washed this acid blend is gently deep cleaning the pores so they appear less visible and with fewer breakouts.  Along with oil and sebum control, this will also help to even out your complexion and improve your skin texture at the same time making this a go-to product for anyone with a bit oilier skin. 

What other products you can use with Blemish and Age Defense?

This product is always applied after CE Ferulic, Phloretin CF, or SilyMarine CF and before lotion and SPF. The perfect Serum for anyone wanting to control oil!!!! 

Here are the routine we recommend for oily skin :

Where to buy SkinCeuticals products?

At Kerrisdale skin medical we offer you the most innovative products on the market. Come to visit us for a complimentary consultation and skin test. Find out which product suit you the best!


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