Best Vitamin C Serum

Best Vitamin C Serum

Dermatologists around the world have been using powerful antioxidants to treat skin conditions by preventing oxidative stress from free radicals to the cells and tissue, all while improving the skin's integrity and vitality. A common ingredient from the antioxidant family is L-ascorbic acid (vitamin c). The leader in stabilized vitamin c serums is SkinCeuticals, with the most popular and patented product CE Ferulic, for sensitive, dry, aging skin.  

How does vitamin c serum work with the skin?

This product works to improve fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the skin's complexion.  Phloretin CF is the 2nd most popular antioxidant for normal, oil to combine skin with tyrosinase to help with hyperpigmentation and anti-aging. 



Where can I buy SkinCeuticals vitamin c serum?

The growing popularity of consumers of vitamin c products at over-the-counter stores should be wary as these products are not stabilized and could be potentially harmful to their skin. Dermatology products can only be found at a doctor-directed clinic for dermatology supported by science. 




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